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Monday, September 2, 2013

More Awesome Sensory Play

Here is a roundup of a bunch of little sensory activities we've done lately.


Our library had an activity early in the summer where the kids could come help plant the flower bed around the building.  It was really cute.  They just had tons of flowers, plants, and shovels and the kids could plant them anywhere in the beds they wanted.

This was our first really hot summer outing, and Cricket was not all that happy about it.  She did enjoy playing with the shovel and the tag on the flower, and she pulled one of the flowers out of the ground three times before I finally moved her!

This was also the day I realized I needed to get some cheap shoes that I didn't mind her getting muddy.  Thank goodness for consignment sales!

Water Box

Before we got a pool or a water table, I filled a big Tupperware box with water for her to play in.  I put in a few bath toys and gave her the little watering can I'd gotten for her when we started our garden.

She had a great time.  She loves playing with water in any form.

Of course, eventually it all got poured out.  Just prepare yourself that this is going to happen.

Red Sensory Bin

Our latest sensory bin is focused on the color red.  I picked red because it is the first color in the spectrum and I am type-A.  Also, it was the only color she had said up to that point.

I basically just went through her room and got everything red I could find.

I even had a red basket from the Dollar Tree!  The little strawberry amigurumi from her Grandma was extra cute, too.  I also put in some linking rings, blocks, a bowl, a ball, a sweater, a paint chip card, and some miscellaneous pieces from different toys.

Honestly, at 15 months, Cricket was not really very into this one.  She explored it a little bit, but she lost interest quickly.  Still, it's something to remember and revisit when she's learning her colors later on.

Food Products

It's become a running joke with us now that I just give Cricket trash to play with.  Honestly, though, natural food makes great sensory material!  Corn husks and corn silk were fascinating to her.

One afternoon, I was chopping green peppers on the porch while she played and she asked to see some.  I gave her to tops that I had cut out and she played with them for a long time!  She loved the way the seeds fell off.  I didn't get any pictures of her playing with them, but I did get pictures of the aftermath on my porch!  The birds had a great time with all those seeds!

She loves it when I snap beans or shell peas.  She likes to put the ends of the beans in and out of the bowl.

Even the tops of celery stalks are endlessly entertaining for a toddler!

Paper Textures

I gathered as many different kinds of paper and sheets of material as I could find.  I used construction paper, printer paper, wax paper, tin foil, saran wrap, cardboard, card stock, and parchment paper.  (Of course, supervise at all times, as these are not all child-safe.)

She explored them and crumpled some of them up when I showed her how.

She definitely had some materials that she preferred and some she barely touched.  We talked about words to describe the different feelings and sounds they made.  I will probably do this one again because I feel like she would enjoy this activity more in a few months, too.

Contact Paper Window

This was a big hit.  We went for a walk in the back yard and gathered some natural objects that we could use.  I tried to focus on small, light things like grass, leaves, and flowers.  Then we came inside and I used masking tape to cover one section of our door with contact paper, sticky side out.

I showed her how to put the objects onto the window, and she was fascinated.  She liked taking them off and then giving them to me to put on again.  This would be a great one to do again in the fall when the leaves turn!

I hope this gives you some new ideas to try with your little one.  I'm sure I'll have more soon!

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