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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

How to Be Awesome at Patriotic Desserts: Part 2

Two years ago, I did this post about awesome patriotic desserts.  I love making desserts for the Fourth of July because they are always for fun, festive occasions with friends and family.  They are always pretty primary colors, and they always taste amazing!  So here are some more ideas for awesome treats you can take with you to wherever you're going this July 4th.

You can never go wrong with a classic layered dessert.

It combines the colors of Independence Day with the fresh fruit and light cool sweetness of summer.  I just bought an angel food cake already made, tore it up, and layered it with berries and Cool Whip.  So easy, and yet, delicious.

If you want something a little less "healthy" and a little more "ice cream-y," try this one.

I didn't originally make this one for the Fourth of July, but all you need to do is change the color of the sprinkles and it would fit right in at the barbecue!  This is a semi-homemade ice cream cake, and it is way easier than you think.  The recipe is here.

Basically, it is layers of stacked ice cream sandwiches with a hot fudge layer in the middle, frosted with Cool Whip, and drizzled with more hot fudge and sprinkles.

Stop it.  You're drooling on your keyboard.

It's super easy to make, though, and would be a hit for a Fourth of July Party.

Last but not least, here's another one that is also way easier than it seems.

Here's the recipe.  It is a "cake" made out of layers of Graham crackers, Cool Whip, and strawberries, with chocolate chips or melted chocolate drizzled on top.  When you let it sit for a while, the Graham crackers absorb the moisture and it has the consistency of cake. Throw some blueberries on top and it's as all-American as a baked bald eagle!

So what are you making this Fourth of July?

*UPDATE*  Here is a picture of the strawberry Graham cracker cake, this time with patriotic decorations!  I thought about just sprinkling the berries around, but I can't NOT make a flag!

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