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Monday, July 22, 2013

Things That are Awesome: Summer Baby Edition

Cricket is 15 months right now, and she just loves to be outside!  Here is a wrap-up of some of my favorite summer outdoor gear for babies and toddlers.  Any time I find myself thinking, "This thing is worth every cent!" I make a note to add it to this list!

I am an Amazon affiliate, and receive a small percentage of sales made through my site at no cost to you.  I am not otherwise compensated for my opinions.  These are all things I have used personally and enjoyed.

Fisher Price Baby Swing

Cricket loves swinging, so when I saw this swing at Aldi on sale, I snatched it up.

I absolutely love having it in our backyard.  It's hanging from a really high tree branch, which means it's always shady underneath.  Unlike the park, which has no shade whatsoever, now I can push her on the swing without getting a sunburn!

Bubble Gun

This was a purchase for my sake, not hers.  Cricket loves bubbles, like all little babies do, but I do not.  I mean, bubbles in and of themselves are cool, but if you are the one making the bubbles, your hands are all covered in soap, you're hyperventilating, and you have to stand up the whole time.

Not anymore!

Now I can satisfy Cricket's insatiable love for bubbles while still getting my lazy on.  I just squeeze the handle and a never ending stream of perfect bubbles comes out!  I will say that it is a little temperamental and doesn't always work as well as it should, but even still, this has been a sanity saver for me!

Swimways Baby Float

This thing is awesome!  It is perfect for older babies who can sit up just fine, but aren't big enough for floaties and the like.  It's a perfect little seat that they can lean back or forwards in if they want.  There is a mesh ring in the middle so they can splash in the water.  And best of all, there is a shade that clips on to protect them from the sun!  The shade can even attach to the back or the front if you need to move it.  Here's a picture of Cricket enjoying hers.

She loves it!  Totally chillaxin'.

Water Table

My mom got this for Cricket, and it is her favorite outdoor toy now.  It has really helped her strengthen her legs, too.  She has been reluctant to do a lot of walking until now, but she will stand at this table for an hour or more!  It is the perfect height for cruisers, and it comes with some cute toys.  I added some small cups, which she loves to use to dump water all over herself, of course.  At first, I would change her into her swimsuit to play with it, but it actually is less trouble just to let her stay in her play clothes and then change her when we're finished.

I highly recommend this for ages 1 yr. and up.  There are also tons of suggestions on Pinterest for other things you can do with water tables besides just put water in it, like using it for finger painting, sand, rice, small world play, etc.

Waterproof Travel Blanket

One of my friends gave me a blanket like this several years ago, and it has been just the best thing to have!  We keep it in the car so we always have it for picnics, zoo trips, Renaissance faires, or any other time we might need to sit on the ground.  It folds up into a compact little purse-like thing with a strap, making it super easy to cary, and it's water proof, so it's easier to clean and you don't have to worry about the ground being wet.  That's especially nice here in Alabama where it rains almost every day of the summer.

Although this one isn't specifically for kids, it sure is awesome to have, especially if you do have kids.  There are so many times we have used ours!

So, what outdoor gear do you just love?  I'd love to hear your recommendations, too!


  1. A friend of ours has a water table & while Anderson enjoyed playing with it he wanted to BE IN it the whole time & was confused about why he couldn't be in the "pool" lol!

    Also, that blanket is so cool! I'm going to have to check that out!

    1. Haha yeah, every now and then we have to remind Cricket that she can't climb in! :o)

      Yeah, it's awesome and worth its weight in gold!

  2. I SO wish we had a tree we could put a swing in!

    1. Well, you can always come use ours. :o) But yeah, I know what you mean. Maybe soon!

  3. Oh, and one outdoor toy that we really love is the pop up sun tent that we bought for the beach last year. It has UV protection, vents on the side for airflow, and folds up and down in about 2 seconds. Of course we used it at the beach when she was itty bitty and needed somewhere shady to lay down, but sometimes we just get it out and stick it in the front yard with some toys's like an instant playhouse!

    1. Do you know, I have looked EVERYWHERE for one of those, and can't find the kind you have to save my life? I think it would be awesome!