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Monday, August 26, 2013

An Awesome Mad Lib for Every DIY Project Ever

This is my 100th post!  Yay me!

To celebrate, I thought I'd do something fun and different, so here is a mad lib for your reading pleasure.

How to Be Awesome at DIY (Verb ending in -ing)

First, it is important that you get organized, so you'll need to assemble all your (plural household item) and get a few (plural unusual and more expensive nouns) from (favorite store).

Second, you need to prepare your work space.  Clean out your (room of the house) with plenty of area to set up your (noun).  This space now belongs to (same verb ending in -ing) so you will not be able to use it for regular (activities) again for a while.  Adjust life accordingly.

Now you are ready to begin.  Start by taking your (household item) and breaking it.  This is a crucial step.  If something doesn't break during your project, it didn't really happen.  Also, make sure that you lose at least one (noun) and that another (profane adjective) (noun) for some reason does not function as it should.  Since you don't have a (obscure noun), which is crucial to success, you will have to make do by using a (completely unrelated noun) and rigging it so it will (verb).  This will most likely result in an injury to your (body part).  Have first aid available.

At this point you will need to stop and chose one of the following:

  1. (Maternal verb) a crying baby.
  2. Answer your (technology).
  3. Take your toddler out of the (household storage area).
  4. Let the (animal) out and then back in.
  5. Cook (meal).
  6. Pick up (family member) from (location).
  7. Go buy more (small but important craft object).
  8. Clean (substance) off the (part of house).
  9. Watch (TV show involving crime).
  10. Throw the (noun) across the room in (emotion).
After you have regained your (state of mind), you are now ready to finish your project.  Make sure to check Pinterest (number) times to ensure that you are doing it (adverb).  Right around now, you should be realizing that you totally skipped step (number), and you will have to redo your (deity)-forsaken project.  You might think about giving up, but remember, with all the money you save by doing it yourself, you will be able to afford (Choose one:  anger management/ /therapy/ /burn treatments/ /supplies for the next project).

When you have finished, take lots of pictures and put them on (social media network) so that everyone will know how (adjective) you are.  Enjoy the fruits of your labor in your (room of the house) or better yet, give it as a gift for (holiday).

Bonus (nouns) if you brag about it on your blog!

I would love it if you posted your completed stories in the comments.  I may even let the person or persons with the most hilarious stories pick a future blog topic as a reward.

Have a (adjective) day.

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