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Monday, August 12, 2013

How to Be Awesome at Sensory Play: Mashed Potato Flakes

Here's a new sensory material I've been dying to try:  Mashed Potato Flakes!  You can get a big box at the Dollar Tree, they are a fun texture, and of course, they're edible in case your little one decides to give it a taste!

I set up an invitation to play for Cricket, using some of the kitchen utensils I had gotten for her from the Dollar Tree a while back.  I spread out a shower curtain from the Dollar Tree on the floor, too, for easier clean up.

It didn't take her long to jump in.  She was very curious, even while I was still setting up.

In no time, my formerly timid little Cricket was up to her elbows in mashed potato flakes!  She really liked the feel of them.

She enjoyed transferring them from one container to another.  I always make sure that I give her several containers of different sizes and shapes so that she can practice this important skill.  I also always give her some kind of spoons or scoops to help with motor skills and coordination.  Scooping and pouring is a very important part of toddlerhood!

She had a blast stirring, scooping, and moving them around.

Eventually, of course, they ended up getting dumped out.  Then she would take handfuls and put them back in the bowl so she could dump it out again!

She gave it a taste once, but they're pretty bland, so it didn't keep her interest.

Her favorite part was grabbing a handful and watching it trickle out of her fingers from up high.  This is a great sensory experience, as she feels it leaving her hand, sees, hears, and feels it hitting the ground, and she smells and even tastes the flakes.  It really involves all of her senses.

This was a big hit, and I would definitely do it again.  I saved most of the potato flakes afterwards for another activity (coming soon).  The shower curtain made for easy clean up with the leftovers.  I shook it out in the back yard and the birds came and ate it!

Best part:  I only used half a box for this activity, so it's super cheap!  We can't wait to try this one again!

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