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Friday, August 23, 2013

Random Pinterest Awesomeness

Here are some things I found on Pinterest that either save money, help me organize, or save time.  It's kind of a random assortment, but it's stuff I've been wanting to share, so here you go.

1)  Make Your Own Foaming Handsoap

This is an awesome trick to learn.  Basically, the only thing special about foaming handsoap is the pump.  Inside, it's just diluted soap.  So you can refill the bottles you have or go buy one at the Dollar Tree and then just put in 1 part Castille soap or dish soap and 3 parts water.  I put a couple of drops of tea tree essential oil in there, too, for disinfecting.

2)  Dry Erase Menu Board

This was one of my first Pinterest projects ever, and I still use it.  Just get a cheap frame, put a piece of scrapbook paper or whatever else goes with your decoration in the frame, and use the glass as a whiteboard.  I started off using it as a memo board like in the picture, but now I use it as a weekly menu board so Brian and anyone coming over can see what's for dinner!

3)  Sticky Note Goal List

This is a cool idea, and very cheap to make.  It's just boxes drawn on a piece of cardstock that you can use to put goals or a check list or phone numbers or whatever.  It's really cute, and I added the checkmarks underneath so that when I finished something, I had a bigger sense of accomplishment.

4)  Italian Dressing Mix

I've made other mixes and condiments and talked about them before, but this was a new one.  It's powdered Italian dressing mix, that you can either add oil and a few other ingredients to if you want to actually make the dressing or, more likely, use as a seasoning blend for chicken in the crock pot or in any recipe that calls for dry Italian dressing mix.  Works great!

5)  Homemade Deoderizing Disks

This is a super easy way to make little cubes of baking soda that you can use in your drains, diaper pails, or any other place you need odor control.  You basically just make a paste of water and baking soda, as thick as possible, and then put it in ice cube trays or molds and leave it until it's completely dried out.  Then you put the cubes in a jar or bag and use them as needed.  They're awesome!

6)  Bib Storage

The original pin said to put a 3M hook on the back of the high chair to store bibs, but that only held a few, so we tied a piece of cord across the back and it holds all of them!  Very convenient!

7)  Plate Holders for Picture Albums

This is one of my favorite Pinterest ideas ever.  I love my Shutterfly albums, and this is a way I can display them where people can see them instead of on a shelf somewhere out of sight!  I even found a couple of multi-level ones at a flea market recently for just a few dollars!

8)  DIY Car Organizer

9)  Plastic Hanger Chip Clips

This is one of those "duh" ideas that I'm sad I didn't think of.  We never had enough clips for bags of chips, pretzels, or whatever else, but I refused to go pay actual money for something so simple.  Now, I just get Brian to cut up a couple of cheap Walmart skirt hangers and we have all the chip clips we need!

10) Orange Candle

This idea does not save me money or help me organize in any way, but it is super cool.  It took a couple of tries to get it right, but if you peel a clementine orange with enough of the white part sticking up in the middle and add just a little bit of olive oil, it really will burn like a candle for quite a while.  Very neat.

Anyway, this was just a random list of things I've been wanting to talk about but haven't found a great place to put them yet.  Pinterest is a never ending wealth of ideas, so I'm sure there will be more soon!

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