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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Awesome Reading!

Since reading is on List One, I've been trying to do it a little every day.  I love love love reading, and Brian and I read together every night, but during the school year, I never had time to do a lot of reading on my own.

But now it's summer, so I'm just going to read everything that has ever touched a bookshelf.  I've already read The Hunger Games series, which were fabulous, if a little depressing.  Today, I just finished The Twentieth Wife by Indu Sundaresan.  It's a historical fiction based on the love story of Emperor Jahangir and the woman Mehrunissa, who would be come his twentieth, and last, wife, Empress Nur Jahan.  The book is a fascinating look into the Mughal Court of 16th and 17th century India, a historic period that I don't know much about.  It was a good story, and the writing is pretty good.  Not the best ever, but worth reading definitely. 

I actually picked it up because the second book, Feast of Roses, was on the clearance rack at the book store, so I got both of them.  I'm excited to start the next book and continue the story!

I'm also listening to a book on tape right now, called A Year in the Merde.  (My appologies to my French-speaking friends.  I didn't name it.)  I have read pretty much, if not all, of that book before, but it's been several years, and it's hilarious, so I got it from the library.  It's about a British business man who spends a year working in Paris, and about the cultural adjustments and funny things that happen to him.  There are a couple of shady parts, but for the most part, it's decent. 

I discovered books on tape for real just a year or so ago, and have found that they are an awesome way to occupy myself while I am doing other things, like folding laundry or doing dishes.  And the library has like, a million of them, so that's awesome.  One book is typically about seven hours on CD, and you can put them on your mp3 player, too.  That's a lot of laundry.  :o)


  1. For those readers who don't know French, why don't you enlighten them?

  2. Merde is not a nice word in French. :oP

  3. If you haven't read Bossypants by Tina Fey, you really should. It's about the life of an awesome woman :)

    If you're into Audio Books, the one for Bossypants read by Tina Fey is fantastic.

    - Bacca

  4. That is on my list for this summer! I'm actually on the waiting list for the audiobook at the library. :o)