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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Awesomeness Update

It's halfway through June now, so I think it's a good time to stop and evaluate how my plan of awesomeness is working out.  Let's start with List One, the stuff I'm supposed to be doing every (week)day.

1)  Clean/Organize--Check!  I don't always do a lot, but I do something every day.  My problem is, the stuff insists on de-organizing and de-cleaning itself, which is just making it harder on itself.  I think that I need to attach everything to little retractable cords, and then when I'm finished with it, it would just zzzzippp! back into its place immediately.

Wow.  That is an awesome idea.

2)  Pack--Well, yes, technically I am doing this every day.  I pack at least one box a day.  Of course, at this rate, I will be ready to move by Christmas of 2012, but you know, it's the spirit of the thing.  I'm doing what is on my checklist.

3)  Read for Pleasure--This one is actually the one I have the hardest time getting in every day.  I  mean, Brian and I read together at night, so I guess that counts too, but reading by myself is hard to squeeze in with all the other things.  I guess listening to audio books should could too, so that makes me feel better.  Again, it's the spirit of the thing!

4)  Work on One Hobby--I've been pretty religious about this.  Even if that "hobby" is the Rubik's Cube, I've been pretty good about doing something.  And I do realize that it's kind of depressing to look at your to do list and say, "Yup.  I'm totally good at doing the fun things on that list!  I got those down!"

5)  Exercise--Yes.  Yes, I have been doing that.  I think there have been three days in June so far when I didn't go to DT, and I made up for it by going to two or three classes on other days.  Again, I've got the fun stuff down!

As for overall awesomeness, I have made some strides.  I planned two weeks of dinners yesterday before I went shopping.  That's a huge improvement.  Usually, I just write "food" on my list, and then pick up whatever sounds good when I'm there, which is why I usually end up with four boxes of rice-a-roni, ten boxes of Reece's Puffs cereal, and no meat in the house.  But this time I planned.  Well, I planned the meals.  What I did not plan for was my grocery bill doubling, but you know, I planned for something.

The only other thing I've really had time to do is spend time with friends, which was on my goals for the summer list/flowchart.  I've done that (see above re. awesomeness at fun things).  But besides those things, I really haven't had time for other awesomeness. 

Oh, and Brian and I learned some sign language.  Not like, a ton, but like, specific words and phrases we can use to communicate to each other when we don't want other people to hear.  Very handy.  Mostly I just use it when I'm brushing my teeth, but, you know, I'm sure other occasions will arise.

So basically, I give myself a B-, mostly because of effort.  (Waking up at 5 am in the summer has to count for something, right?) 

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