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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Step 3

Be like Awesome People

For our inspiration, I thought I would start a list of People Who are Awesome.  This is just part 1 of the list.

Sean Connery--He has an awesome voice.  That is enough.
Queen Elizabeth I--She awesomely defeated the Spanish Armada, brought her country back from the brink of bankruptcy, and had awesome books and movies made about her.
Willis Haviland Carrier--Invented the first modern electric air conditioner.  Enough said.
Jon Stewart--He is the only reason I don't go postal during election years.  That's awesome for everyone around me.
Mark Zuckerberg--Say what you will about him.  He invented Facebook.  And that's awesome.
Terry Pratchett--Dude has written or helped write over 71 books, averaging 2 a year.  And they're awesome.  Plus, he's been knighted.  That's automatic awesome, that is.

Like I said, this is only part one of the list.  Give me more ideas!!!

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