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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Step 6


Just, lots of bags.

It's been a while since I've written any steps to Being Awesome at Everything, so I thought it was time for another.  This is an organizational tip.  It involves bags.

Ever been on an errand and realize when you get there that the one thing you absolutely had to have in order to complete the errand was still at home, sitting by the door?  Ever get really frustrated because you got to dance class and realized you left your shoes by the front door?  Or you went to Starbucks to read and then realized you forgot your book?

Me neither.

But we can pretend those things might happen.

My solution is to become the worlds most non-homeless bag lady.  Seriously, I am about six cats and a spitting habit away from being that woman with the shopping cart.  Why?  Because I compartmentalize my life into tote bags.  I have a million of them--one for every area of my life.

My everyday bag:   This is my most important bag.  It goes with me every time I leave the house, even if I think I won't need it.  It's small and just has a few important things in it, like the book I'm reading, my planner/calendar, a pen and a pencil, the notebook where I keep my lists, etc. 

If I have a coupon I need to remember to use, it goes in there.  If I have a library book I need to remember to return, it goes in there, because I know that bag is going to the car with me the next time I leave.

My quilting bag:  Of course, this has all my quilting stuff in it, so I don't have to run around the morning I'm going to Bekah's and find my rotary cutter, scissors, fabric, thread, etc.  All in one bag.  All the time.

My dance bag:  This one has my dance shoes, extra socks, random jewelry from some theme class a while bag, etc.

So you get the idea.  I have a bag for everything, and the idea is that when I'm at home and I think, "Oh, I need to remember to bring "such and such" to dance, you just throw it in the bag and then it's there for next time.  And there are all kinds of bags.  Shoot, even Brian has a gear bag that he never leaves home without.  He calls it his 10-piece survival kit.  I call it a man-purse, but whatever.  He's got everything he needs.

Being Awesome at Everything is a lot about being prepared.  I'm prepared to go quilt when I have my quilting bag.  Brian is prepared for the zombie appocalypse when he has his survival bag.  It's all about preparation.

Now the only trick is, don't forget your bag.

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