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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Step 2

Get Help

There are only a few people who are awesome all on their own, like Alli Brosh who writes Hyperbole and a Half.  Most of us need help. 

I need...a lot of help.  So part of my becoming awesome is finding the best resources for all the different areas of awesome I am trying for. 

Take my summer list, for example.  The one in the sidebar called How to be Awesome This Summer, hereafter shortened to List 1.

Ok, so take List 1.  I need help with most of those things.  Cleaning and/or organizing, for instance, is not something I do on  my own.  Ever.  Like, y'all have no idea.  So I found this great site a few years ago called Flylady.  It gets an A+ for Awesome.  It starts with little baby steps and tells you how to clean and organize your house, and how to get into routines so that the house doesn't keep getting messy.  I did it for a summer a while back (which is now always refered to as "That Summer When I Cleaned Stuff") and it worked great.  I fell off the wagon when school started back, but now, I'm getting back on!

Also, exercise.  I used to be awesome at this on my own.  In college, I OWNED being awesome at exercise.  I would get up at four freakin' thirty in the morning just to go run five miles on a treadmill before my classes. 

I lost that awesome somewhere.

So now, I can only exercise if it is highly entertaining to me and I don't have time to think about the fact that I'm exercising.  That's where Dance Trance comes in.  I love to dance, but there's not a lot of call for it unless you go to clubs, which Brian hates, or unless you're a professional, which ain't gonna happen.  But I found this dance fitness class, and it's been, like, the most life-changing discovery ever.  But some people don't like to dance, and that's cool, I guess.  I know some of my friends love their boot camp classes, even though from what it sounds like, it's pretty much paying someone to do things to you that they frown on at Gitmo.  Seriously, they'll be all braggin' about flipping tractor tires across a field or running until they throw up.  But whatever, dude, if that empowers you....go for it.  The point is, help is good. 

And as far as working on hobbies goes, that varies from day to day.  Right now, I'm working on a Shutterfly album a little each day.  Most everyone knows about Shutterfly and Snapfish and all those, but if you've never tried it, you should.  They are awesome, especially for people like me who like to scrapbook, but who don't have the time to pull everything out and work on it, the space to leave it all set up, or the money to buy millions of adorable, three dimensional, with-real-moving-parts stickers at $5 each, or paper for $1 per sheet, etc.  Virtual scrapbooking FTW!!!  And, I've always been really impressed with the final products.

The other ones on List 1 are reading books and packing, both of which I can pretty much handle on my own, although Flylady does have packing tips, too. 

And by the way, I did manage to do all 5 things on my list yesterday, so that's awesome.

So now, tell me your favorite places and links that help you be awesome.  I can always use more!


  1. Well, it isn't actually a link, but I would say, to all the mom's out there, put your daughter's emails and facebook addresses at the top of that list!
    Yesterday, in my desperate attempt to be the first person to comment on the blog I was stumped by computer beligerence. It simply wouldn't allow me to comment.
    Step 1: rapid call to oldest daughter requesting advise.
    Step 2: follow daughters instructions with no result
    Step 3: give daughter access to my email so she can try--success for her, but none for me
    Step 4: have daughter post comment for me.
    Success through borrowed awesomeness!!!!!!
    Step 5: use office computer next day (at awesome daughter's advice) to see if it worked there.
    Success X Success as I'm now able to comment and we know there are settings issues to resolve on home computer.
    I think that makes me awesome at resources/daughters, fast thinking for gaining #1 blog comment, computer knowledge gained.
    Next step is to call other awesome daughter today and try to resolve home computer setting issues.
    Footnote: Awesomeness can be exhausting, but I'm up for it.
    Press On!!!!!!

  2. Ilia...YOU are awesome! We are so glad that you found our classes and have embraced the "DT way!" Thanks for the blog promo too! Tell your friends to check us out: or

    Love you girl!!